I See You Adoptive Momma


As an adoptive momma, I’ve experienced (whether good or bad) the looks, the questions, and the self-doubt that happens from going out in public as a family. It’s basically a day-in-the-life of an adoptive family.

People are curious about your diverse family and how it all happened. You often find yourself viewed as a superhero that saves the world or a crazy person with too many kids. It’s never anywhere in-between.

I’ve met so many adoptive mommas in the Nashville area, and I love the community that we have. I love that whenever we meet, we have an instant connection. No matter how different our journeys are to becoming a mom, we share a bond. We’re a team — and it’s nice for other people to see you and simply get you. 

I hope you know that you are seen. 

I see you when . . .

You try to answer well-intended questions about adoption while your children become a circus in the background.

You attempt to avoid intrusive, personal questions because your child’s ears are right there

Holding back the tears because your child just called their teacher “mom” — and now you find yourself questioning their attachment and bonding. 

You try to ignore the smiles and admiration from old ladies that think what you are doing is super great.

Disciplining your child makes you wondering if that’s how Karyn Purvis would’ve handled the situation.

Driving to therapy and counseling appointments finds you praying that your child and family will thrive.

You wish that the whole world knew and understood childhood trauma — and the affects it has on your child’s brain.

At the end of the day? We’re just moms wanting our kids to thrive. We so badly want the world around us to understand adoption — but not at our child’s expense (or during our family’s trip to the zoo). 

Hang in there, momma. Look around you. You’re not alone, and there’s a whole community of mommas in Nashville just like you and me.

My challenge to you: find an adoptive momma that you can encourage today!


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