Date Night in Nashville: How to Bring the Kids on Date Night {Series}

We hope this series inspires you to spend a little quality time with your partner in our fair city. There are so many fantastic different places and wonderful different ways to make your night a special one. We’re going to explore a few over the next few weeks and share our experiences with you! (For more date night ideas, check out more of our series!)

I love going on dates. I love good food, I love getting dressed up, and I love being able to eat in a restaurant that has super high tables and stools because it means that I won’t be spending my evening worrying about a high chair or a toddler falling out of a booster seat. The best part is that I rarely have to pick up cheerios off the floor in public places when I’m out with just my husband.

The downside of date nights? Having to add an additional $50 to the end-of-the-evening tab to pay the babysitter. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE our regular babysitter. But she’s simply not always in the budget. However, I’m also not willing to completely give up time outside of the house with my husband.

We have found that if you want to have a nice evening, eat whatever food you want, drink good wine, and be able to bring the kids (and not be judged or given dirty looks) that Arrington Vineyards is the perfect place to go. You can bring whatever food you want. We usually bring a huge blanket and a picnic basket full of mostly cheese and carbs. (Gluten-free? I’ll take extra gluten with mine, please.) There are also plenty of people who use the actual picnic tables and even bring their own centerpieces. No one that I know to be sure, but I’m told these people exist…but back to the kids.


Exhibit A:  Last Summer at my sister’s birthday picnic. (This sweet baby is now a fire breathing toddler.)


Every time we’ve been to Arrington, there have been kids there. They can run around like crazy and yell and laugh and throw food, and no cares because everyone is sitting outside. Let’s be honest—the wine probably helps. Speaking of which, they do ask that you buy their wine instead of bringing in outside drinks—but other than that, go nuts!

All in all, Arrington is my absolute favorite place to go when the weather is nice. During the summers, they have live music during the evenings on weekends. Live music isn’t your thing? Not to worry. Arrington is large enough that you can choose to sit as close or as far away as you’d like. If you’re feeling really crazy, they also have a wine club you can join. So the next time that it’s not a million degrees outside and you cannot stand the thought of spending one more Friday night on the couch watching Frozen, pack a picnic, perhaps call your other parent friends to meet up, and head to Arrington for a date night!


You can find directions and hours of operation here on the Arrington Vineyards web site.

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