Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner
Hey moms! I’m a native Nashvillian, wife, and mom to 3 wonderful (and mostly well-behaved) children. I spend my days working as a psychiatric nurse practitioner and am forever working on my own mental and physical wellness. It’s a journey, not a destination ya’ll! Evenings and weekends you can find me cheering on my kids at the ball field, in the kitchen cooking up something sweet, and avoiding errands at all costs. My love language is a quiet house and a good book. I not-so-secretly prefer staycations to vacations. Hobbies include naps, making casual conversation awkward, and browsing Zillow for houses I can’t afford.
Nashville Storms How to Prepare (2)

Nashville Storms: How to Prepare

How about that weather middle Tennessee? It seems like we're getting more extreme storms and tornadoes every passing year, right? Unfortunately for Tennesseans that is right. The National Weather Service shows the average number of tornadoes...

Ticks in Tennessee: Tips to Keep Your Family Tick Free This Summer

If you've spent any time outdoors, you have likely encountered ticks- tiny blood-sucking parasites that survive by attaching to a host (humans and animals). They are prevalent in the southeastern United States, including Tennessee,...