10 Reasons Breastfeeding Sucks


Now, before anyone comes throwing breast-shaped bricks through my window, hear me out. I am a firm believer in the #fedisbest movement. I don’t think it’s fair to shame mamas because their bodies can’t produce or because they simply choose not to breastfeed. To each is own. (I also JUST read an article that says formula is closer to breast milk than its ever been. Sooo thanks science!)  

  That being said I have been blessed with TaTa’s that produce enough milk to keep my babies healthy and happy. 

But that’s doesn’t mean I don’t think it sucks sometimes  

I want to ENJOY a drink. 

This is probably the least important reason why I think breast feeding can be the worst. 

I just want to be able to enjoy a couple drinks guilt free! Im well aware of  the rules or drinking and feeding.  I know it’s possible to do so without harm, but personally I can’t fully enjoy myself knowing what I drink is potentially what my baby drinks. It’s just how it is. 

If I’m being totally honest I wouldn’t be able to really enjoy drinking more that one or two drinks even if I wasn’t breastfeeding. I have 2 under 2 a hangover would be death.

**Unless I have a babysitter and the perfect situation.  But the last time that happened (in a surprising turn of events) I drank too much and ended up falling out of a minivan in front of a large majority of my family. So fail.**

Pumping is the worst.

My post partum baby belly already has me feeling like a cow. (Yes it grew a baby and that’s beautiful but COME ON)

I don’t really need to sit there for 20 minutes with cups attached to my “utters” watching milk squirt out. It’s just not cute. And it’s also super boring.

While I was working pumping was a must. Now that I stay home I do it because my husband is all about feeding the baby. Another important reason I pump is because sometimes mama needs time to herself. The pump is a wonderful invention that give us these opportunities. So as a sit hear in horror watching my nipples pulse back and forth, I keep telling myself it’s for a good cause. 

Shout out to the mommy’s who exclusively pump! I wish I could hug each of you individually because that’s a wonderful thing you’re doing for your babes. 

Breastfeeding in public.

I freaking hate it! I’m very familiar with the Target dressing room. I can’t bring myself to chill with my boobs out while people are trying to pick out their newest kitchen accessories. 

BUT I’ve had no choice but to feed my daughter in public. Ive received particularly awkward vibes while I fed her and people watched at the airport a few times.  So sometimes you just gotta do it. For me it’s more about the bashful people who are afraid of seeing even themselves naked. I don’t need someone’s first time seeing the female breast to be while I’m feeding my baby. LOL  But invite me to a FEED IN any day. I’d have no problem wiping em out for a good cause. 

To the mamas who feed their babies anywhere and everywhere. I truly envy you and your ability to think about what’s best for your little and not the awkwardness. 


I’m only 27 and the girls already aren’t looking too great. After I stopped breast feeding my daughter I thought they would snap back but NAH. Now I’m breastfeeding my son and YIKES is all I have to say. Once he’s finished eating I go ahead and pick my boobs up off the floor to continue with my day. 

It’s definitely all worth it. Maybe I’ll even get myself a boob job once I’m all done with these milk machines. Only time can tell.  

Babies eat A LOT.

I’m so thankful I have two healthy kids who love to eat but dang! my daughter was  ALWAYS HUNGRY. I basically didn’t leave the house, or wear a shirt for the first 3 months of her life.  And lucky for me she was a perfect chunk of a baby. (She’s still got a healthy appetite). My son loves him some breast milk too. He’s also all about the cluster feed aka 5 hours of sucking mommy dry. 

When I was a new mom and unsure of everything. I didn’t understand how to break up my day or put my baby on a schedule. I couldn’t imagine her crying for more than 5 seconds. The second time around I’m still lost so any help is appreciated. ha! Eventually I got into a good groove with my daughter and I know I will get there with my son. Until then you can catch me sitting on my couch with a baby attached. 

I eat A LOT.

Breastfeeding makes me so unbelievably hungry ALL THE TIME. It’s extremely annoying. We never have enough food in my house to satisfy the undeniable hunger that I feel after my sucks drinks away all my nutrients (like a tiny vampire). 

 To make matters worse I’ll go to the store buy the types of food I know is best for myself and the baby. BECAUSE IM A GREAT MOM. The ill be looking for searching for a tasty ate night snack cursing myself for buying extra spinach instead of the double fudge brownies. right I can without a doubt eat more than my husband and my dad and his dad and your dad. 

Men can’t do it.

 Normally I’d be pumped to have the opportunity to do something men cant do. Because you know, feminism and all that. 

But men can’t do it so they  can’t fully understand what it’s means to be able to give your child life and then nourish them all with just your body.  Its basically magic.  I can’t believe my body does this and I wish my husband could feel even a pinch of this absolute miracle.  

I want to look attractive for my husband. 

 It’s just not sexy to have milk leaking out of your boobs or two giant wet marks forming on your shirt. MY husband tells me I’m pretty but I’m still skeptical.  That’s about it on this reason. I’m trying to practice more self love. 

The highs and lows of milk supply.

   Right now my son is 7 weeks old. I have days when my supply is too much. Then I have those days when I don’t know if Im making enough to feed him baby let alone pump for a freezer supply. 

 These highs and lows in my supply are a little stressful.

When I have a a good day I walk around proclaiming it to the world. Even if I feel like my breasts might explode any second. On days my supply feels low I force feed myself tons of oatmeal and chug water with all 12 of my daily meals. The low days are particularly tough because I want to be able to breastfeed for atleast the first couple months to a year. Once you get the hang of things it usually gets easier. But  drying up happens so like I said earlier. #fedisbest

When it’s over.

 This was the WORST part of breastfeeding for me the first time around. When it was time for my daughter to stop nursing I didn’t really have much of a choice in the matter. My supply dried up and we had to start giving her formula. I was a little relieved at first because that meant sweet freedom. But I loved having that special connection with my #1 girl.  After I was done being over the top emotional about the whole thing. I realized it wasn’t the end of the world. She still needs me just as much as she did then. Now that she’s almost two, the girl needs a lot. . . 

So here are my 10 reason why I honestly think breastfeeding sucks. It’s a beautiful thing if you can do it. Even when it’s the worst and I’m SO FRUSTRATED, I always remember how lucky I am to have the opportunity to breastfeed my children. It’s takes a lot of time and energy but it’s worth it. And HELLO it’s basically free!



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