Rhonda is a Nashville native and the firstborn of three daughters of a musical family. She has a B.S. in English-Journalism from Tennessee Tech University and an M.A.C.E from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. She met her husband (David) on a blind date 36 years ago, and they were married six months to the day of our meeting. Their family consists of Zachary and Natalie, daughter-in-law Marie, 6-month-old grandson Colin (the beat of her heart!!), and her sweet mom Shirley. Much of her free time is spent at church, where she teaches 2nd-grade Sunday School and plays clarinet in the church orchestra. She also often plays in the orchestra for community theater musicals. Other fun activities include antiquing and doing needlework projects. She collects Delft pottery and cobalt blue glassware, and weaves caned chair seat bottoms.
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An Open Letter to My Grandmother — How Did You Do It?!

Hi, Mamaw! Wow, we sure do miss you! You were the best grandmother a kid could want. Your home was always welcoming and a place of great comfort. We never wanted for anything to eat,...
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Graduation Time!

Graduation time: We're willing to be that your inbox was recently flooded with photos and your postal mailbox full of paper announcements. It is the season for every type of educational institution to celebrate the end...

Digging Up Your Roots — Exploring the Family Tree

Just as children get physical characteristics from us, their parents, they also have a rich heritage of family accomplishments and information. Studying your family tree can provide insight into family dynamics, specific physical attributes,...

When They Say “I’m Bored”

How many of us have heard those dreaded words — "I'm bored" — from our kids, particularly during a string of weather-related off days from school, the weekend, spring or fall break, or summer...

How I Met Your Father — Once Upon a Blind Date

How I Met Your Father — Once Upon a Blind Date is a part of a series celebrating love and marriage by telling the stories of some of our Nashville Moms Blog contributors and...