Kristen Cherry

Kristen moved to Nashville from Illinois (not Chicago!) 10 years ago to pursue a career in music. She landed a steady gig as a high school counselor, which is pretty much the same thing as being a famous singer, except not. She lived in a modest rancher in South Nashville with her husband Matt, loyal mutt Dexter, and her daughter Sabrina, until they found out she was pregnant with identical twins and fled to the suburbs for a larger house. She and Matt now occupy space in Nolensville with their three daughters: Sabrina (7), Brooklyn (3) and Camryn (3), and Dexter is still loyal as ever. When she is not at work, taking care of the fam, or driving around in the minivan she swore she'd never own, Kristen loves doing just about anything that could be described as "me time" — from boxing to baking. Singing is still her passion, and since moving here she has rekindled her love for here goes. :-)
Say You're Sorry: A Friendship Lesson From My Daughter

Say You’re Sorry — A Friendship Lesson from My Daughter

I can’t say how many times I played the conversation about that friendship over in my mind. I wrote letters that never got sent and imagined Facebook messages that never got typed. Yet, for...

Is Overscheduling for Real? 5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Balanced

I’m standing in the kitchen at a three-year old’s birthday party talking with the other moms about our kids' interest in music when a quiet, yet distinct turn takes place in the seemingly benign...

Be Careful With Her: Reflecting on Sending My Daughter to Kindergarten

My daughter is seven—and three quarters. Old for her grade because of a September birthday, she starts second grade this August. But it feels like about a minute ago that I picked her up...

Nashville Guide to Father’s Day Gifts — That Won’t Hide in His Closet

Father's Day is coming. Although I love the fathers in my life dearly, it seems all of them either have everything they want, have no room for anything else, or are straight up picky....
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Summer in Splashville: Pool and Splashpad Roundup

Summer is my favorite season. It's the season of ice cream treats, summer movies, summer camp, and some truly fantastic farmers markets in Nashville. I have always been a waterbug—a girl who should have been born much closer to the...

Double the Whaaatt?! A Twin Mom’s Guide to Baby Gear

Once upon a beautiful May day, an ultrasound technician VERY casually said to me, "So you're having identical twins." She may have said other things. I do not know. What I do know is that...

Family Planning (aka When You Think You’re Calling the Shots but God is LOL)

I was five years old when Little Becky Davis edged me out for the title of “Little Miss Bonnie Straw & Hay Days.” All because I told the judges I wanted to be an...

Can’t We All Just Wear Green? Make St. Patrick’s Day Simple Again.

I heart green—kelly, emerald, olive—lovely, lovely green. And yet, somehow, every March 17 at o'dark thirty, I dig through drawers and dare to smell what's in my dirty clothes basket in hopes that there's...