Kate Cortelyou

Kate has been living in Nashville since 2008 when she moved to town for work. She met her husband, a Pittsburgh transplant, through eHarmony (they were even on the commercials!) in 2009, and they married in 2011. James was born in 2014 and Anna in 2016. They also have two rescue dogs. Kate is the youngest of 4 (3 older brothers) and always imagined she would have a large family. That idea shifted once she became a parent! Kate is still trying to navigate being outnumbered during the days while her husband is at work. Kids keep Kate’s Type A Personality and need for Ultra-Organization in check. She has a sign hanging in her house that reads, “Let whatever you do today be enough” as a constant reminder that grace—not perfection—is what is important. Before quitting work to be a full-time stay at home mom, Kate was the giraffe keeper at the Nashville Zoo for several years. She also worked for Ringling Bros taking care of the animals. She lived on a train and traveled to a new city every week by rail. Kate flies back to Minneapolis several times a year with kids in tow to visit her family. If you need advice on how to survive air travel with kids, she is your gal! Her first born had flown 20 times by his first birthday! Her ultimate wish is that her family will move back to Minnesota someday. When Kate has kid-free time, she enjoys gardening, flea markets, decorating, margaritas, college football games, and days at the lake. Follow along with her chaotic life on Instagram: mrscort

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