Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith
Jessica is a self-professed "hot mess mama" who resides in Old Hickory with a wily black cat, her easy-going husband, and their tiny dictator, Tucker (4 years old.) Having spent many years of her life battling serious eating disorders and a complicated relationship with exercise, she is now passionate about sharing the messages of hope, recovery, and freedom found in body positivity, intuitive eating, and in the Health at Every Size movement. Jessica is an alumnus of the Belmont University School of Nursing, and after graduating spent many joyful years working in pediatrics and intensive care. In 2014, she did what she deemed unimaginable and temporarily left her career to became a stay-at-home mom. She spends her days managing all the things while trying not to take life too seriously. Her hobbies include reading, photography, pretending to be a gardener, and avoiding writing in the third person.
Nashville's BEST Family-Friendly Hiking Trails

Nashville’s BEST Family-Friendly Hiking Trails

One of my favorite sounds is the sharp crunch of leaves beneath my feet. The only way to enhance the experience? Put me on a trail surrounded by an assortment of trees, flowers, wildlife...

Where to Trick or Treat in Nashville :: Halloween 2019

Ahhhh — October.  The leaves are changing, we have full permission to pumpkin spice allthethings, and hallelujurrrr the blasted summer heat has begun to abate! If that wasn't enough to bring a smile to...

I’m Not Mean…I’m Just Mom.

Tucker was being particularly naughty that morning: whining, endlessly antagonizing, and recklessly wearing his sassy pants.  Our words flew between us, his picking up speed and intensity.  After a string of squabbles, he had...

Curious Kid? Cultivate Kindness!

"Mama, is this one still beautiful?"  My son held up a brown Magnolia leaf. Peppered with yellow and red, the leaf was marred with a jagged tear straight down its middle. His eyes set...

Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves

We've all been there. It's 2 am, and supernatural mama-senses jolt you awake. A bit confused by the rude awakening, you hear the faint cry of your little one in the other room. Groggily,...

Dads are Different — and That’s Okay!

I certainly don’t claim to be an expert on parenting. But this I do know for certain: moms and dads are vastly different.  Naturally, there are some inconsequential parenting differences. Mom puts the dishes...

My Body is an Instrument NOT an Ornament

It started out innocently enoug­h. A few times a week, I popped in a T29 workout video. My infant son slept sweetly in his bouncy chair just a few feet from me, his sweaty...