Victoria Hershman


Mourning the Loss of the Unknown

I accepted a long time ago that my childbearing years are over. Because of the harshness of pregnancy on my body, I can no longer risk becoming with child. As I have two beautiful...

Life Lessons from Pokemon Go

If you're like me, an 80's or 90's kid, you remember when Pokemon first aired. You know the theme song (and nearly all of the Poke rap) by heart—even twenty years later. You owned...

Aiding in the Fight with Depression

We’ve all seen the internet memes about how to help someone with depression. I'm taking this opportunity to turn those memes into a totally useful list of ways to help your friend with depression. Roll...

Continual Learning in the Summer

It’s summer! School is out, the sun is shining (most days), and the pools are open! While summer is a time for relaxing from a season of strenuous mental activity, it doesn’t have to...

Celebrate our Soldiers, Celebrate our Freedom

When you approach the gate at Fort Campbell, roll down your window, and hand over your ID, you’re greeted by a soldier. Sometimes he’s happy to be there, other times he looks miserable. Gate...
Babywearing 201 | Nashville Mom's Blog | Types of Carriers

Babywearing Basics: Learn Your Baby Carriers

A very popular comment I often hear when wearing my daughter around town is, "Wow! I wish they had that back when my kids were little! She has the best seat here!" The truth is,...
All About Cloth Diapers || Nashville Mom's Blog

Cloth Diapers — All About the Inserts, Baby

So in my last post, I discussed the different styles of cloth diapers available to fit every mom and baby. From pre-folds to all in ones, there is something for everyone! Today, we are...

Cloth Diapers :: Everything You Wanted to Know—But Didn’t Know to Ask!

When a mother begins to share her experiences with cloth diapering, she’s typically greeted with one of two things: intrigue or disgust. Many minds instantly fill with clothes line hangings, safety pins, and plastic...