Lane Faulkner

Lane Faulkner is a Nashville native, recovering perfectionist, and single mom to two adorable kids—Jackson, who is seven, and Lucy, who is four (going on fourteen). After teaching high school English for twelve years, she left the classroom in May 2015 to pursue her own business. She now works as The College Coach to help students market themselves to prospective colleges. When she's not writing or coaching, she loves to travel, camp, kayak, and seek adventure wherever it can be found.

Mom Guilt – The Quarantine Version

I feel guilt about everything. I’ve done a lot of soul work these past several years, but this quarantine has definitely forced me to come to terms with some bad psychology that I, apparently,...
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How to Talk To Your Child About the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We in the United States have watched as the world has reacted as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread from country to country, causing unprecedented shutdowns and health crises. Admittedly, our geography has historically...

Don’t Count Out Second Marriages

Growing up here in the Bible Belt with two parents married for 32 years, I always had a certain construct about second marriages. Sadly, it wasn’t one of redemption and second chances at love....

Cheesy Holiday Movies Hurt Women: My Unpopular Opinion

I know what you’re thinking: this woman has lost her mind over cheesy holiday movies. As long as Hallmark and Disney have been around, girls around the world have been inundated with an onslaught...

Hashimoto’s Disease: No, You’re Not Just Crazy

For the longest time, I didn’t understand anything about Hashimoto’s Disease. Sure, I knew many of the women on my dad’s side of the family had it, but my knowledge of the disease was...

Can We Talk About The Family Cloth?

Recently, I just learned about a concept that is apparently a popular fad among the crunchiest of families called “The Family Cloth.” For those with weak stomachs, proceed with caution because it lives up...

How I’m Teaching My Son Consent

As parents, we'd all love to believe that our children understand consent. Whether in sexual terms or simply sharing toys, we work to teach them. But look around. Our media feeds brim with stories...

One Family, Two Beliefs

In a perfect world, we would all marry someone who is the perfect complement to ourselves—and our family—in every way. In reality, we are two different souls harboring varied ideas, opinions, and beliefs. What...

Why I’ll Never Go Back to Suburbia

I grew up in complete suburbia, knowing nothing other than meticulously cared-for lawns and cul-de-sacs. Naturally, as an adult, I migrated into the known. I opted for the steroid-infused version of Stepford suburbia to which...
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Why Moms Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Traveling

Since my divorce, I've found that I travel much better than I did when married. As a young, married mother, I often pushed off notions of venturing far from home. At the time, I...