Lacey is a born-and-raised, tried-and-true Nashvillian. She tried moving away once but couldn’t hack it and moved right back home where she lives with her husband, Thomas, their one-year-old son, Gray, and three dogs, Munky, Puma and Eevee. Lacey worked in the veterinary field until two weeks before Gray was born and is grateful she is now able to be a stay-at-home mommy who gets to take her son on the town and discover all the family fun Nashville has to offer. She loves Steinbeck, vegetarian cooking (and eating) and binge watching television series on Netflix during the few precious hours her baby boy sleeps.

Vanishing Veggie Sauce – Sneakily Veggie-licious!

Getting kids to eat their vegetables is a perpetual thorn in the side for 99.9% of parents. Kids NEED their vegetables but because explaining this to them rarely does any good, perhaps it is...

Eat Local, Buy Local – Nashville Farmers Markets: Downtown Nashville Farmers Market {Series}

Nashville Downtown Farmers Market is the mack-daddy of farmers markets. Really. I could probably write on this subject for the next seven hours, but I have kids and a husband and my in-laws are in...

S.O.S. (Save Our Sanity!) – Printable Treasure Hunt!

It's raining...or too cold...or too hot to play outside. The kids are grating on your nerves. They are bored. You really need to get some housework done but don't want to put them in...

End-of-Summer Nashville Stay-cation Itinerary

If your kids are in metro public schools, their last day of Summer is August 5th. That's right around the corner! Make the most of the final week off with a summer staycation. Maybe...

Nursing in Nashville – The Big Latch On

I truly never thought I would be a mother who would breastfeed in a public place. Ever. I am a pretty modest person when it comes to my body. But giving birth kind of sucked out...

The Natural Playscape – Create Your Own!

Before you go out and purchase that expensive swing set, or even if you already have, you might want to consider incorporating a natural playscape into your yard. A natural playscape is like a...