Andrea Schwab

Andrea Schwab
Andrea is a newbie in town. Only a year ago she moved from Switzerland to Nashville together with her husband Daniel, daughter Hanna (5) and son Carl (2). Back home she was working as a Senior Marketing Manager in beauty care (Johnson&Johnson) and baby food (Hero Schweiz). After giving birth to her son, she was looking for an opportunity that would allow her to work more flexible hours and especially on something she owns herself and where she can put all her passion in it. That’s when she started to elaborate on the idea of a mobile food truck (she is an absolute foodie!). After she has found the perfect old horse trailer and started to convert it, her husband got a job offer in Nashville. Andrea and her husband love to travel and explore new places that’s why they did not hesitate to take this opportunity and moved to Tennessee. Ever since Andrea is trying to get familiar with the American way of life and even more with working off the list of things you have to do before you can officially call yourself a Nashvillian. In her personal blog ‘Becoming Nashvillian’ ( she writes about her family’s journey on how to settle in Nashville and explore Music City.

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