Amanda Anderson

Born-and-raised Nashvillian living on the East side with a bearded husband, a wild two year old, and three mostly lazy dogs.
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Fall TV Lineup — Four Shows for Mamas

My two-year-old has been going through sleep regression for about two years now. So, if you’re anything like me, your nights are largely spent ensnarled in FBI-level negotiations about anything from juice temperature (“old...

Five Reasons to Love the Mom Cut

By all accounts, it rose to fame in the ‘80s. Kate Gosselin made it infamous in John and Kate Plus Eight. Then Saturday Night Live made fun of it. Some us have tried it—and...

5 Tips for a Banging Birthday Party on a Budget

A couple years ago, a well-known site conducted a voluntary poll asking parents how much they spent on their child’s first birthday party. The answer might surprise you. The overwhelming majority said more than $500. If...

Your Kid Needs Ear Tubes — What to Expect

In the time it takes you to read this, your son or daughter could probably have finished their ear tubes procedure, woken up from general anesthesia, and already downed a full sippy cup of...

Dr. Seuss and Forgotten First Words

I’m about to make a mom confession—one that brought wide-eyed gasps when I shared it with a group of friends recently. Here it goes: I have no idea what my son’s first word was....