8 Great Non-Candy Treats for Halloween


I hear more and more discussions these days surrounding the negative effects of sugar on our bodies. Schools become stricter on what can be passed out in the classroom. And lunch rooms (slowly) become healthier spots to eat. Even still, Halloween kicks off a season filled with sugar, sugar, and more sugar! I’m all about the occasional treat, but after seeing how Halloween turns my child into a sugar obsessed human who attempts to negotiate good behavior for more and more candy each day, I decided to counter-attack with non-candy treats in the coming years.

Fruit has always her been favorite go to food—until candy came into play. Once candy came into her line of sight on a daily basis, fruit fell to the “no thanks” category. After throwing the bucket of candy away a few weeks after Halloween, we worked until January (at least!) to get her back onto the “fruit is awesome” wagon. I will not let that happen again this year!

Instead,  for this year’s Halloween, we are focusing more on the costumes and making special treats. I’ve put together a list below with some healthy, non-candy treats for the classroom Halloween or Fall Harvest Party. Take a look, and enjoy avoiding the battles of candy coming at your kids from every single angle this year.

There are eight great non-candy treats listed below. Also make sure to check out Christie’s Post on enjoying Halloween when your children have food allergies—you’ll find more ideas!

  • Jack-O-Lantern Clementines are affordable and nutritious! Even better, they should be allergy safe! Not an accomplished artist? Don’t worry; the kids you’re feeding snacks to probably aren’t either.
Clementine Pumpkins (Source: myfussyeater.com ) non-candy treats Halloween for kids
(Photo Source: myfussyeater.com)
  • Ghost Cheese is on my list to take for my daughter’s party this year! How easy would it be to draw a face on a string cheese? Just be sure to pick up a brand that doesn’t have writing on both sides. (Trader Joe’s brand is great for this.)
ghost-cheese non-candy treats Nashville Moms Blog Halloween party for kids
(Photo Source: livinglifeonthelane.blogspot.com)
  • How about these Mummy Raisin Boxes? They’re hilarious and your child can help you tape them up and draw or glue on the googly eyes! Check out these Mummy Fruit Pouches for another taped up treat.
raisin mummy non-candy treats Harvest party Halloween for kids
(Photo Source: creatingreallyawesomefunthings.com)
  • Depending on the age of your child and/or the amount of people you’re taking treats for, these Applesauce Monsters are adorable!
non-candy treats for kids Halloween Harvest party Nashville Moms Blog applesauce
(Source: thenerdswife.com)
goldfish pumpkin non-candy treats for Halloween Nashville Moms Blog
(Source: 100Directions.com )

Frankenstein Cups are both nutritious and incredible easy to put together. Go with a larger or smaller cup, draw a face on, and voila!

frankenstein fruit cup non-candy Halloween treats for kids Nashville Moms Blog
(Source: princesspinkygirl.com )

Playdough treat bags are a great non-food idea! Dye the dough various fall colors. Even draw faces on if your heart desires!

halloween play dough non-candy treat bags cute Harvest party Nashville Moms Blog
(Source: onekriegerchick.com )

For another non-food treat, consider taking a nature walk with your kiddo and collecting rocks that are good candidates for painting! Monster Rocks are a fun memento from the celebration, and they combine artwork with a take home item. Winning!

pet rock monster rock non-candy treats Halloween party for kids Nashville Moms Blog
(Source: 100directions.com )

I hope this list helps you plan out a healthier, less sugary Halloween!
For more healthy, Halloween non-candy treat ideas, feel free to check out my Pinterest Board!

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